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1.Functions and Applications

Rolling over 360 ° , rotating forklift forks.

Widely used in food industry, chemical industry, sanitation industry, recyle industry, smelt casting industry, etc.

2. Eigenschaften

*Proven durable construction design, unique rotating drive system, meet the hight stength continuous operation.

*Strong roatating driving torque achieved the stable and reliable rotating function.

*Hydraulic motor fixed with reversible hydraulic lock, any angle position of lock function.


-Optional carriage width


1.HUAMAI brand is first class in China, which technology is from America.
2.Key parts and accessories are world class,which is different from other Chinese brands.

Unsere Vorteile

Warum sollten Sie uns als zuverlässigen Lieferanten wählen oder als Händler vor Ort bei uns arbeiten?

1. Erfahrenes technisches Team, professionellerer Service

HUAMAI besteht aus einem Team von Mitgliedern, die jahrelange Erfahrung mit europäischen Gabelstaplern haben

Anlagen. Der Lieferant von Schlüsselteilen ist derselbe wie bei CASCADE. Dies erleichtert die Verwendung und Wartung.

2. Breite Produktpalette, bieten Gesamtlösung

HUAMAI has grown rapidly into a sizeable company specialized in producing a comprehensive range of hydrauli

and mechanical attachments. The major categories of hydraulic attachments include rotating type, sliding arm type, side-shifting/hinged type, special purpose type and others.

3. Vorrangige Unterstützung, wenn Agentur / Händler

If you a local dealer, can achieve CNB/HEZE agent policy support, including fast delivery time, competitive

price and accessories support, ect.

4. Eigene fabrik, konkurrenzfähiger preis

Our factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters, fully equipped with modern manufacturing equipments

and facilities. Scale production and no middlemen will save the purchasing cost.

5. Sales record and voice from our existing customer, and get good feedback from them.

Schnelle Details

Ursprungsort: Fujian, China (Festland)
Markenname: HUAMAI
Model Number: Hydraulic-Rotator
Certificate: CE
Load Capacity: 1600-6800kg
Mounting Class: II or III or IV
Carriage Width: 815-1855mm
Fork Max. Spacing: 705-1855mm
Overall Width: 840-1890mm
Weight: 188-1040kg
Oberflächenbehandlung: Farbe
Color: As requirements
Warranty: 1 Year